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Interviewing Tips

The candidate selection process at Hart & Hickman generally has several components, depending on the position and outcome as you progress through the process.  Here is a snapshot of what you might see if you submit your qualifications to us. 

First Contact
Your cover letter should communicate your professional objectives and why you are interested in Hart & Hickman.  Communicate what you think you bring to the table and what makes you best suited for the position in a way that connects you to our business of environmental consulting.

If we reach out to you by email or phone and request information to fill in some of the details described above, we encourage you to be prompt in responding. Our business model is one of exceptional responsiveness & effective communication so this is your chance to demonstrate that quality.  If you have not heard from us within 5 days after submitting the additional  information, please contact us to ask about the status of our review. 

Next Step
If we conclude you may be a good fit, you will receive a phone call from one of our Senior Professionals to discuss your qualifications.  A successful call is central to being considered for an interview so be prepared, prompt, and attentive, and use a land line if one is available.  In addition to answering questions about your professional and technical experience, the call communicates your ability to effectively organize your thoughts and communicate effectively, to convey confidence and energy, and to demonstrate you would be enjoyable to work with.  

If the call goes well, we will ask you to complete an on-line profile to help us know where you might fit best into our organization.  We use this profile to help with internal career and leadership development.   We will let you know via email or phone if we wish to have you come see us for an interview, and again, please contact us if more than 5 days pass with no news from us.

Face to Face
So let’s assume we’ve asked you to come see us for an interview.  Try to relax, recognize this is an opportunity to get to know us and for us to get to know you.  We are not a formal business place and our office atmosphere is open.  Our dress is business casual but you may wear a business suit if it provides greater comfort for the occasion.

You will meet with more than one person, each with a different approach and interest.  Learn more about us before you come, be informed for your own benefit.  Be prepared to talk about details of your academic background and performance, the projects you have worked on, the professional relationships you have forged, and your problem solving abilities.  We often ask candidates to execute a couple of tasks requiring attention to detail, grasp of environmental fundamentals, and technical writing skill.  Bring a list of references and examples of your technical writing abilities if they were not requested earlier in the process. 

Those are the highlights.  Let your qualifications and confidence speak well for you.  We look forward to the opportunity to meet you.