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Technical Excellence

Our tag line Smarter Environmental Solutions echoes what we hear from our clients about what distinguishes our firm. We are driven by science and engineering expertise, custom-fit to our client's unique and specific project needs, and combined with rigorous quality control. Our well-trained geologists, engineers, scientists, and regulatory specialists offer innovative environmental solutions and strategies backed by expert senior review.

Exceptional Commitment

Hart & Hickman doesn’t just claim to provide responsiveness and value beyond our clients’ expectations, we measure it. Hart & Hickman surveys our clients annually through an independent survey firm which preserves the client’s anonymity if they desire, thereby assuring more open and honest feedback. Client testimonials provided throughout our website attest to our success in excelling in this management principle. The feedback we have received has resulted in multiple Customer Satisfaction Awards that we are grateful to receive.

Continuous Improvement

Hart & Hickman is driven to continually improve in the areas of developing technical expertise, leadership development, communications, client service, team building, financial management, and community service. In pursuing continuous improvement, our reputation as a uniquely skilled source of Smarter Environmental Solutions grows. Many large firms, in their mandates to grow, leave technical excellence and quality in the dust behind them, fostering a consulting culture void of these principles. Our goal at Hart & Hickman is to grow at the pace which allows us to maintain the values that our clients have come to appreciate and expect.

Appreciation for our Staff

Hart & Hickman strives to demonstrate in many ways our appreciation for the talents and commitment of our staff, and the success they have led the firm to. This includes company-sponsored outings, team-building events, promotional awards, achievement awards, company cookouts, and profit-sharing.

Shared Leadership

The firm’s management team is made up of the shareholders in the firm, senior project managers, and key administrative staff. The responsibility, workload, and decision-making is shared. At the next level of leadership development, our off-site strategic retreats include accomplished mid-level staff. Our objective is to ensure the next generation of Hart & Hickman’s leaders is being groomed in all aspects of our culture and business.

Empowered Employees

The technical and leadership development programs we have in place provide opportunities for our staff to grow in areas of interest and take on greater responsibilities early, with solid senior backup. Using the principles of situational leadership, our goal is to build experience, expertise, and confidence at a pace that best serves our employees and clients. Please also refer to our Mission Statement to better understand what drives us and how we behave as professionals to accomplish this shared goal.