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Mission Statement

Hart & Hickman's mission is to provide unrivaled environmental consulting expertise in order to foster enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients, all at a value and responsiveness beyond what can be obtained elsewhere. It is through this partnership that we provide Smarter Environmental Solutions - expertise and innovation custom-fit to our client's project-specific needs, backed by expert senior review and rigorous quality control. Our founding principles, which are explained below, drive us to success for our employees, our clients, our vendors, and the firm.

Why Hart & Hickman Exists

Our founders established the firm in order to develop an empowered and motivated team, providing smarter environmental solutions for our clients and improving the communities in which we work.

How We Behave

To deliver on this outcome, Hart & Hickman is committed at all levels to:

  • Building mutually beneficial, enduring relationships
  • Passionately challenging one another in pursuit of the best answer
  • Developing and rewarding exceptional performance

We will sustain these commitments by consistently demonstrating the following behaviors/characteristics:

Modeling healthy debate
Being approachable
Soliciting ideas & solutions

Providing clear expectations
Sacrificing/offering time
Making ourselves available
Being complimentary

Core5 Values

Hart & Hickman's Core5 Values are integral to our relationships with our clients, employees, regulators, vendors, and industry peers. We know our Core5 values are integrated into our firm’s culture because our employees developed them.

Hart & Hickman strives to deliver the best possible product and outcome for our clients. We hold ourselves accountable to these very high standards with expert senior review and by obtaining unvarnished feedback through third-party client surveys.

Hart & Hickman is comprised of people who resolve to perform and communicate with honesty, clarity, and an abiding commitment to do what is right. Earning the trust of those we interact with - clients, employees, regulators, subcontractors, and vendors – is essential for our collective success.


Hart & Hickman focuses our deep resource of knowledge, experience, innovation, and relationships to achieve client-specific and project-specific objectives. Problem-solving through innovative, expert strategies and meticulous execution is our hallmark.


Hart & Hickman is committed to communicating openly and achieving more by working together. This collaborative spirit is applied to advocacy for our clients, solution-finding for our projects, career development for our employees, and team-oriented accomplishment with our subcontractors and vendors.


Hart & Hickman indoctrinates all employees into the understanding that all accidents are avoidable. Through our continuous emphasis on a high level of safe work practices, our employees promote and monitor a safety conscious culture, which is practiced not only in the field and at the office, but embraced in everyday life.