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To measure our success in serving our client’s needs, we survey our clients regularly through an independent survey firm which preserves the client’s anonymity if they choose, thereby assuring more open and honest feedback. Client testimonials provided here and throughout our website attest to our success in excelling in this management principle, as do the Client Satisfaction awards that Hart & Hickman has won routinely.

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Expertise & Innovation

- Innovative remedies at cost-savings

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"With your assistance, we got the best possible result for our client.   Your expert opinions were on target from the beginning."

- Expert Opinons are 'On Target'

- "Second to none"

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“Their wealth of knowledge and experience with the [Brownfield] program has been invaluable and made this a very easy grant to administer.”

- Wealth of Brownfield Grant Knowledge

"We greatly appreciate Hart & Hickman's knowledge and experience working with EPA and DEQ, which have made working with you on our EPA grants a pleasure."

- Experience with Brownfield Grant Regulators

“Your firm’s contribution to this outcome, including the credibility you have with the regulators, has been critical to our success. I do not recall ever working with as highly effective team on any project.”

- Credibility with Regulators

"From hydrogeology, to indoor air, to vapor intrusion mitigation, to remediation, to risk assessments, to presentation of that data in a logical and defensible format, to closing out sites in accordance with the statutes; Hart and Hickman is at the top."

- At the Top for State Clean-Up Program

“They adapt very quickly and appropriately to the ever changing environment (both policy and science) that my program endures.”

- Adapt to Policy Changes

“Because of the high satisfaction with this firm, we have found ourselves moving more and more work to this organization. We also highly recommend this firm to others. We expect this trend to continue.”

- Moving More Work to H&H

“Very good quality of work product. The reports and writing are well above industry standard (which makes my job easier – less editing!).”

- Reports Well Above Industry Standard

“Hart and Hickman always provides high quality visuals that are scientifically defensible. A visual is only as good as the person who conceptualized it based on data analysis. That last statement puts H&H up there with the best. I’ve always said a company is only as good as the people and minds working for it. Hart and Hickman has very high quality in both departments, therefore the results can only be – quality.”

- Expert Data Interpretation

“The firm balances innovation with a practical approach to achieving desired results. Establishes good working relationships with regulatory agencies which helps move projects forward.”

- Innovation

“H&H is great at this (innovation)– it’s the reason I use them. I like their ability to “think outside of the box” and focus their opinion based on the perspective of a particular client.”

- Outside the Box

“The quality of deliverables is exceptional. Written reports are extremely well done typically requiring little if any revision, a real plus for clients managing multiple projects. Onsite work is also consistently of high quality. Project managers are well educated and experienced in their field.”

- Exceptional Field Work and Report Quality