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To measure our success in serving our client’s needs, we survey our clients regularly through an independent survey firm which preserves the client’s anonymity if they choose, thereby assuring more open and honest feedback. Client testimonials provided here and throughout our website attest to our success in excelling in this management principle, as do the Client Satisfaction awards that Hart & Hickman has won routinely.

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Responsiveness & Commitment

"I recommended Hart & Hickman because they are the “top dog” environmental consulting firm,"

- "Top Dog"

"You can use me as a reference anytime, anywhere, for any job, to anybody."

- Anytime Anywhere

"Their professionalism, competence and integrity are exceptional."

- Professionalism & Competence

"I could not have asked for a more accommodating and positive group of people to work with."

- Accommodating & Positive

“In 23 years, I have yet to work with a more professional, accessible and responsible consulting firm.”

- Professional & Responsible

“Always available when I needed their help.”

- Available

“Exceptional. They are always accessible and respond very promptly to my requests with high quality deliverables.”

- Accessible

“I have found H&H to be competent, practical, readily accessible, and thorough. I enjoy working with the personnel assigned to assist us. I wish I had met them years ago.”

- Thorough

“Always a pleasure to work with the group. Stay on top of issues and timelines. Extremely responsive to workload variations and agency requests”

- Extremely Responsive

“I would highly recommend Hart & Hickman, PC. This is a top-notch firm to work with. I wish all consultants were as thoroughly professional as these folks!”

- Highly Professional

“Likely the most responsive firm we use. Often called on with last minute requests and consistently meets our needs.”

- Responsiveness