Leadership Development - An Intentional Pursuit

posted by Bruce H | 01/03/2017 at 12:00AM

We are deeply grateful to our clients and employees for their support in achieving unique and sustainable success over the past many years, being named repeatedly by the Charlotte Business Journal as a top environmental consulting firm in Charlotte, and named repeatedly as a Circle of Excellence firm by management consultants PSMJ. Creating a uniquely capable and vibrant foundation for future growth requires long-term planning, exceptional commitment, and diligent execution. Acknowledging and rewarding a firm's key talent pool is a continual process that requires attention and action even in the midst of the challenging project demands of environmental consulting. Adding the dimension of building leadership skills in the team, while daunting, is an essential supplement to any firm's future success. Hart & Hickman began leadership transition planning more than 7 years ago and during that time we have more than doubled the number of owners in the firm, and will continue to build depth in the ownership team in the years ahead. For the past year we have been engaged in very intentional leadership training with in-house and outside resources, and undertaking numerous steps to broaden operational decision-making to build expert professional & leadership judgement capabilities.

Our goal is to build a deep leadership team with extraordinary capabilities in innovative project strategies, technical project execution, and expert project management, as well as peer-leading skills in human resource management, operational management, and financial management. At the technical level, we are implementing training programs, and adopting on-line resources to allow our professional staff to excel & advance at a progressive pace not common in our industry. We are committed to the belief that these very intentional measures will continue to provide our clients with our hallmark Smarter Environmental Solutions and industry-leading quality of service. And by taking these steps, our employees will experience an exceptionally engaging work place for them to thrive professionally and personally. The future is bright and 2017 is a year of continuing development & innovation at Hart & Hickman.

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