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Indoor Air Quality & Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Intrusion
Hart & Hickman understands the importance of vapor intrusion and is well-versed in the complexity of vapor intrusion matters. We have conducted vapor intrusion investigations and/or developed mitigation strategies for over 80 sites. Our vapor intrusion experience includes: 

  • Vapor intrusion field-screening surveys
  • Subsurface soil gas, sub-slab vapor, crawlspace air, and indoor air sampling
  • Risk assessment, data evaluations, and Johnson and Ettinger modeling
  • Design and installation of active and passive sub-slab venting systems
  • Operation, maintenance, and monitoring of a large vapor mitigation system
  • Installation of vapor detection instrumentation
  • Inspection of vapor barrier and venting system installation
Indoor Air Quality and Mold
Hart and Hickman provides indoor air quality (IAQ) and mold surveys. We have multiple staff trained in indoor air quality sampling and mold identification & sampling. H&H performs inspections and interviews to determine the most suitable type of sampling to meet the client's objectives. 
  • Evaluate IAQ comfort parameters within building spaces
  • Determine if elevated dust levels exist in the occupied building spaces
  • Check condition of the building HVAC systems to identify potential IAQ concerns
  • Collect hand-held readings, stationary air pump, and Summa canister samples
  • Collect wipe sample and mold spore air samples for laboratory analysis
  • Collect outside mold spore counts for comparison with the indoor data