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Hart & Hickman has earned a reputation for providing innovative and cost-effective site remediation options for our clients to achieve desired outcomes. Using regulatory requirements to our client’s advantage, Hart & Hickman develops unique remedial strategies on a site by site basis to satisfy requirements while still being strong advocates for our clients. This approach, all placed in context with the client’s project objectives and timeline, leads to more cost-effective and successful strategies for our clients.  Our approach to site remediation is why companies big and small come to Hart & Hickman when they demand a smarter environmental solution.

  • Soil Excavation (off-site disposal, on-site thermal treatment, stabilization, ex-situ oxidation, etc.)
  • In-Situ Enhanced Bioremediation (emulsified oil, pH buffering, bioaugmentation, etc.)
  • In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (Fenton’s reagent, sodium persulfate, permanganate, etc.)
  • Active Remedy Design and Operation (sparging, vacuum extraction, bioventing, free product recovery, dual phase extraction, pump & treat, etc.)
  • In-Situ Thermal Remediation (steam stripping, electrical resistance heating, etc.)
  • Surfactant Injection and Extraction
  • Institutional and Engineered Controls