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Site Assessment

At Hart & Hickman, site assessment and characterization is one of our specialties.  We combine our in-depth knowledge of regulations with the latest in assessment technologies to accurately and cost-effectively assess sites. H&H will take the time to investigate the history of a site and understand current site conditions to collect the necessary data points to appropriately assess and characterize a site, no more and no less.  H&H believes in an interdisciplinary approach to site assessment by drawing upon staff having expertise in a variety of technical backgrounds.  This results in optimal assessment strategies and provides clients with a product tailored to their needs.

Our site assessment and characterization capabilities include the following:

  • Characterization of soil and groundwater conditions
  • Field screening methods for contaminant delineation (DPT, MIP, mobile lab, XRF, Hach assay kits, OVA, etc.)
  • Geologic characterization and geophysical surveys to identify stratigraphy 
  • Stream, surface water, and sediment assessment
  • Aquifer testing and hydraulic modeling
  • Contaminant fate and transport modeling
  • Receptor surveys, ecological assessment, and risk assessment
  • Groundwater monitoring system design and installation
  • Vapor intrusion evaluation and indoor air quality assessment